Burger Mafia, The Wise Guys -Spicy Chicken Wings
Hot Spicy Wings first batter fried then dripped in a lava like hot sauce.
Rs 650.00
Burger Mafia, Triple Threat
New to the burger mafia familia. A triple patty beef burger 3/41b, layered with cheddar cheese,grilled onions, mayo and pickled gherkins. For those where size matters this one is for you!
Rs 1,390.00
Burger Mafia, Scar Face
Warning - This Burger has 2 sides to it. One is a blazing hot organic jalapenos, slithered on top of 200 gms of pure beef patty, ice berg lettuce, garlic mayo, cheese,chilli jam sauce, mustard and cheese. A limited Edition...
Rs 1,250.00
Burger Mafia, The Big Poppa(Half-Pounder)
Double Minced chicken burger weighing in over pound, American cheddar cheese, lettuce,spicy mayo, grilled onions, tomato, jalapenos & hot sauce.
Rs 1,250.00
Burger Mafia, Boss'S Daughter
The Most loved for chicken lovers. A chicken cordon bleu, chicken breast fillet stuffed with ham and cheese, blue cheese creamy sauce,pickles, lettuce, and onion.
Rs 1,180.00
Burger Mafia, The Goodfellas
Pa nko crumb fried chicken breast strips, dressed with a Japanese katsu sauce, Asian salad, lettuce,tomato and hot garlic mayo.A limited Edidon by The Burger Mafia
Rs 1,150.00
Burger Mafia, The Hitman
A juicy and meaty Double Beef burger (200 gms),cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, Secret Mafia BBQ sauce.
Rs 990.00
Burger Mafia, Strippers And Chips
Crumbed chicken strips rested on a bed of steak fries, served with jalapenos, garlic mayo and cheese.
Rs 750.00
Burger Mafia, The Executioner
For the fiery dons, spicy flaming hot Double Beef Burger(200 gms) with jalapenos, mustard,caramelized onions, and lettuce and a spicy in house sauce made with harbanero.
Rs 1,250.00
Burger Mafia, The Godfather
For the dons, a juicy double Beef burger, lettuce, Onion, chilli jam sauce, cheese, chicken bacon.
Rs 1,290.00
Burger Mafia, The Yakutza
BBQ chicken thigh (200 gms) marinated with teriyaki sauce, topped with melted cheese, asian slaw, lettuce and a in-house sauce.
Rs 1,250.00
Burger Mafia, The Snitch
140gm juicy minced chicken burger, the first of its kind to burger mafia served caramelized onions, Asian house salad, cheddar cheese, house mayo,pickled jalapenos,
Rs 940.00
Burger Mafia, Area Chandiya
Crumb Fried crispy chicken breast with local crisps batter, kochi mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
Rs 990.00

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