Drypers Diaper JUMBO (L) 44 PCS

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Dryer Wee Wee Dry new, More Fit and keep your baby’s skin dry. Long lasting comfort for the spiked with diapers designed for them.

Stretchable Waist Band

  • Hugs your baby’s waist comfortably to ensure the best fit to your baby while preventing leakages


  • The Flexi- Tape™ can be refastened multiple times. Ideally the Flexi-Tape ™ should be within the “BEST FIT” area on the TummyFIT Guide™ . If it touches the “NEXT SIZE” indicator, it’s time for your baby to progress to a bigger size

 100% Breathability 

  • Keeps your baby’s skin cool and fresh

6 AbsorbDRY Layers™ 

  • With new Lilac layer that absorbs quickly and distributes evenly. Together, it effectively locks in urine, keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable

 TummyFIT Guide™ 

  • The TummyFIT Guide™ provides indication on where to position FlexiTape™ to ensure the best fit and to present leakages. It also gives an idea on when to upgrade to another size 

Stretchable Waist Band 

  • Keeps your baby’s skin cool and fresh Gently Hugs Your baby’s legs to ensure the best fit for your baby while preventing leakages

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