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Pelawatte Full Cream Milk Powder -400g
Pack size: – 400 g Package: – Triple Laminate. Fresh milk no chemical are added to make pelwatte full cream milk powder.
Rs 465.00
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NesteaPremix -1Kg
Nestea serves a consistently great tasting cup of milk tea with sugar, catering to the popular preference of the Sri Lankan consumer. As such, Nestea brings the comforts of home to our out-of-home consumers, allowing each consumer to relax and...
Rs 1,370.00
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Nescafe Premix -1Kg
Providing a perfect blend of coffee, milk & sugar, this product epitomizes the word convenience. A very popular beverage served in offices, out-door events and restaurants, this product with its rich coffee taste and aroma is the ideal beverage to...
Rs 1,370.00
1852 Ceylon Valley Christmas Special Black Tea
A wonderful tea for the Christmas season.Our Christmas Special Tea is a Pure Ceylon Black Tea scented with Apple Cinnamon Flavour that has been expertly blended with Natural Sa?ower ,Rose Petals,Mango and Raspberry peices. Enjoy with or without milk for...
Rs 450.00
Apple Tea Black Tea
Apple Tea is perfect afternoon tea. Light and fruity. This exclusive blend can be enjoyed hot or cold, as it makes a delicious iced tea. Apple contains additional bene?cial nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. This blend is...
Rs 425.00
Mint Tea Green Tea
Mint- Tea of Good Health - Cool and refreshing , this brew is traditionally sipped from glass teacups with an overindul- gence of sugar. Fragrant Green Tea and refreshing peppermint brews a soothing cup INGREDIENTS : Ceylon Green Tea. NET...
Rs 650.00
Strawberry Tea Black Tea
Juicy strawberry pieces blended with premium Ceylon Black Tea for a refreshing afternoon drink.The gentle sweetness of ripe strawberry with a lightly tangy note produces a mild and fragrant tea. A delightful, re?ne, fragrant and delicious tea. INGREDIENTS : Ceylon...
Rs 650.00
Mango Tea Black Tea
To create our Mango tea, we've taken the natural, sweet ?avor of mango and added it to a blend of Ceylon black tea. The fruitiness of the mango blends well with the black tea, resulting in a cup that is...
Rs 650.00
Vanilla Black Tea
This traditional Ceylon tea has been paired with exotic vanilla for an intriguing ?nish. Enjoy with or without milk and sugar alongside your favorite sweet baked goods. INGREDIENTS : Ceylon Black Tea, natural Marigold Flower and Vanilla ?avor. NET WEIGHT...
Rs 650.00
Ginger Tea Black Tea
Ginger Tea is an extraordinary black tea blend, Our sparkling Ginger black Tea is a blend of the season's best black teas mixed with the earthy goodness of ginger, topped with the alluring citrusy notes of orange peel. A specialty...
Rs 360.00
Forest Berry Tea
Forest Berry Tea is an exceptional black tea blend featuring Bergamot, raspberries and Blueberries. Its robust, fruity ?avor is perfectly enjoyed either hot or iced, and adding Just a hint of sugar or honey brings out the brightness of the...
Rs 425.00
1852 English Breakfast Black Tea
1852 English Breakfast Tea combines the best traditions of builder's tea with more aristocratic ?ne teas. Strong and highly ca_einated, this ?ne tea will start your morning properly, and keep you going throughout the day. This blend is an outstanding...
Rs 360.00

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