Seafood Fried Rice
Order and Buy Seafood Fried Rice With
Rs 880.00
Shao Special Chopsuey Rice
Order and Buy Shao Special Chopsuey Rice With
Rs 1,100.00
Chilli Chicken Cashew Nut
Order and Buy Chilli Chicken Cashew Nut With
Rs 880.00
Hot Butter Cuttlefish
Order and Buy Hot Butter Cuttlefish With
Rs 900.00
Chines Chicken or Fish Set Menu
Order and Buy Chines Chicken or Fish Set Menu With
Rs 480.00
Cuttlefish in Oyster
Order and Buy Cuttlefish in Oyster With
Rs 900.00
Thai Chilli Chicken
Order and Buy Thai Chilli Chicken With
Rs 880.00
Devil Fish
Order and Buy Devil Fish With
Rs 890.00
Pepper Beef
Order and Buy Pepper Beef With
Rs 920.00

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