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Easy Glide (Delay) Lubricating Jelly
Water soluble with desensitizing cream for long love, containing 5% Benzocaine. 
Rs 120.00
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Stamina Condoms
A condom containing Benzocaine along the inner surface of the condom, that helps delay the climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking. Benzocaine also helps prevent premature ejaculation and provides greater staying power. 
Rs 100.00
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SKYN Condoms
This is the latest in condom technology for a truly intimate sexual experience. Our SKYNFEEL material is soft and comfortable, for the most natural fit and feel. This is the closest thing to wearing nothing
Rs 400.00
Postinor-2 Emergency Contraceptives
An emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill) to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse - failure or incorrect use of a regular contraceptive, after rape or incest. You can either take both the tablets together or take...
Rs 140.00
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Easy Glide Lubricating Jelly
A water soluble, non irritating and non staining lubricant. Provides you and your partner a satisfying and pleasurable experience.
Rs 60.00
Casanova Delay Condom
Casanova with Benzocaine 5% for long lasting pleasure. Strawberry flavored, contour condom, dotted. electronically tested It gives a unforgettable experience to both partners.
Rs 150.00 Rs 100.00
Postinor-1 Emergency Contraceptives
Postinor One (morning after pill) is a single dose oral emergency contraceptive pill. This also should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. This regime allows you to take only 1 pill which is more hassle free than...
Rs 180.00
Mithuri - OCP Oral Contraceptives
A combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) containing derivatives of the female hormone Oestrogen and Progestin in low doses as Ethynyl Estradiol and Levonogestrel. Should be taken daily to avoid a pregnancy. Consistent and correct use provides you with 99.9% effectiveness....
Rs 140.00
Romantic Aroma Condom
Condoms available in Apple, Strawberry and Banana aroma. It gives a new and unforgettable experience to both partners. 3 lubricated contour wrinkled shaped condoms in a pack. Electronically tested , lubricated, natural rubber latex condom UK Registered brand
Rs 150.00
Preethi Super Condoms
Studded condoms made with natural latex rubber, with over 100 raised rubber "studs" in all the right places to intensify friction and sensitivity. There is more stimulation and satisfaction for both parties.
Rs 50.00
Lifestyle Sensitive Condoms
The ultra thin, smooth surface condom fits better and feels better. It is especially designed for more contact and increased sensation. Very strong, yet very sensitive; and each condom is lubricated for a natural feeling. It is the closest thing...
Rs 150.00
Sathuta Condom
Sathuta contains 3 high quality, electronically tested, natural rubber lubricated condoms complies with ISO-9001, ISO-4074/CE 0120. Sathuta condoms will help to reduce the risk of pregnancy, transmission of HIV and many other sexually transmitted infections. Raised studs on the SATHUTA...
Rs 100.00
Lifestyle Rough Rider Condoms
Rough Rider Studded condoms feature hundreds of raised studs to offer maximum sensation and excitement which adds increased pleasure to intimate encounters.
Rs 100.00
Lifestyle Mixed Berry Condoms
A tempting assortment of luscious flavors and colors for extra fun and excitement! Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry flavors and aromas to tantalize both of you. A condom which is a safe way to spice-up your sex life.
Rs 150.00
Lifestyle – Xperiences Condoms
Xperiences male condom is made from natural rubber latex, smooth surface, lubricated with studded, ribbed and strawberry flavors
Rs 250.00
Preethi Condoms
A condom made with natural latex rubber. Preethi could be used to avoid a pregnancy and for protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
Rs 50.00

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