3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax, 39026, 16 fl oz

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Shines and protects new and like-new paint finishes, producing a deep, high gloss, lustrous, durable wet look finish.

  • Creates a slick, shiny finish
  • Protects the paint against UV radiation, moisture, and dirt
  • The polymer finish deters the adhesion of dirt and grime, so the vehicle stays cleaner longer
  • May be used by hand or with a machine
  • Special formulation is capable of removing road film or light oxidation from car finishes
  • Heavily oxidized finishes may require compounding with 3M™ Super Duty Rubbing Compound (PN39004) prior to applying wax
  • VOC content less than 15%


Brand: Perfect-it™
Consistency: Liquid
Consumer Label: Yes
Container Size: 16 Fluid Ounce (US)
Performance Level: Better
Product Color: White
Product Type: Liquid Wax
Volume (Imperial): 16 fl oz
Volume (metric): 473 mL

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