Pringles Cheesy Cheese 165g

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Pringles Cheesy Cheese 165g

Cheesy, cheesy CHEEEEEEEESE… Excuse me did you say cheese? Not enough? Well how about one more time. Cheese. Pringles Cheesy Cheese chips are cheesier than a double cheesy cheese slice with extra cheese

  • Cheese flavour savoury snack
  • Contains no trans fat and no cholesterol
  • Convenient resealable can keeps Pringles fresh
  • Weight - 165g 


dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: palm oil and/or sunflower seed oil) rice flour, wheat starch, cheese flavour, maltodextrin, emulsifier E471 (from rapeseed oil) salt. *From cows milk Does not contain beef rennet

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